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March 17, 2017

Hey there fellow sailors, pirates, beachcombers and sea lovers…

March is half over. Life in Fort Myers Beach continues to be amazing. Surprise after surprise. But all in all, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Panacea is sailing just fine. Maggie is a happy dog and Pat, my wife is healthy and happy. So I guess, what I’m trying say is we are doing just fine.

We took a trip to California to surprise my sister for her 70th birthday. Most of the living family and friends showed up and I thought we were going to loose her to a heart attack right there. So there may be a lesson to all of us, make sure a surprise party is what you really want to do to someone.

It was nice to all see each other again. My cousins, brother and extended family members and friends. We actually got together to celebrate a living being instead of saying goodby to a passing friend or relative. No that was a nice twist to a family gathering. We really should do more of that…

I’m getting an itch to set sail to points south. I’m looking over charts. stocking up on clamps and stuff. Who knows…
Remember, you see that Panacea is not on the dock and you never see me again, I’m probably okay.

Hey on the CellGrasp front we had a tough week. We lost one cell phone overboard and my daughter missed the last step on her home stairs and took a spill. She didn’t break anything. She didn’t drop the baby. No bones broken. Just a cracked and shattered screen, but I think it broke her fall. So allis well.

Make sure you order your CellGrasp today. I don’t want to see you drop that phone anymore. It’s my goal in life you know. Yours is waiting here. Go to and buy the best seatbelt for your phone AND put it on before the accident happens. Okay? Okay.

I’ll check back later. But in the mean time, go to the “Live Photo Feed” page and see what we are doing each day. Look and like us on Periscope. We do live feeds now and then in real time. Search for FantaSea Sailing.

Look for the “Book Online” buttons around the site as you are checking us out to check the availability and book right there online. Or if you have questions, just call me at 888-582-9046 or 239-770-2726.

So check back often to this page and keep updated on our progress. I’ll post some photos as we go and you can see what we are up to.

Thank you for checking in. You are our family and friends. We care about you. We love sailing with you, so let us do what we do and stay in touch.

REMEMBER: Reservations are required so book early… Thanks.

See you on the dock...
Capt. Paul
s/v Panacea

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